Crutch Pads

Discomfort and pain from crutch use should not be an impediment to your healing. Find your relief now!

The Crutch Saddle Elite was designed and engineered for comfort and safety. The Crutch Saddle Elite is a technological breakthrough in alleviating pain and providing relief. Featuring a patented inner spring support system and ergonomic shape, the pad provides a well distributed weight bearing surface which hugs your upper torso working to deflect the harsh pressure from the crutch. This design takes pressure away from the underarm, and the axillary, radial and ulnar nerves, the nerves most likely to suffer irritation with the standard crutch!

This comfort allows our users to crutch with dramatically reduced levels of pain and irritation and to confidently move without the constant fear of slipping or sliding compared with traditional crutches!

The Crutch Saddle Elite was specifically designed to reduce crutch discomfort and to provide relief from symptoms of Crutch Paralysis.

• Relief from crutch paralysis symptoms (shoulder pain, numb hands & arms)
• Soft and durable Polyurethane exterior prevents under-arm friction
• Even weight distribution with inner spring
• Ergonomic shape – pads are left-side and right-side specific
• Patented ergonomic contoured support enhances stability & eliminates slipping
• Compatible with any standard axillary crutch easy to install
• Latex Free / Ships as one pair (left and right side)



Find balance and stability

The Crutch Saddle Elite marks a significant departure from standard crutch pad design.

The Crutch Saddle Elite is ergonomically shaped to be left- and right-side specific, cradling the user’s body. Our shape and spring structure gives unparalleled crutch stability by evenly distributing weight across the upper torso and body frame. This support reinforces the users entire frame enabling a more comfortable and secure posture. The curved shape also works to prevent the crutch from sliding out from your underarm, the way standard crutches often do, while crutching.

Our patented technology provides our users a greater feeling of confidence and safety.