About Us

In 2008 CEO and founder Keith Severson was involved in a workplace accident and the subsequent loss of his leg below the knee. Consequently, Keith faced ongoing surgeries and the challenge of daily chronic pain. Due to the nature of the injury a substantial amount of time was spent rehabilitating on crutches. And, in addition to the challenges of the injury, the pain from the crutches became another daily battle. Recognizing the inherent design flaws of the traditional crutch, Keith, with input from orthopedic surgeons, occupational and physical therapists, prosthetists and design engineers set out to realize a change. After two years of research, design and extensive rehabilitation hospital testing, the solution for the most medically advanced replacement crutch pad was born. Propel Mobility, Inc. was formed with the express purpose of creating innovative solutions for maximum comfort and mobility.

Propel Mobility is driven to change the way we move as we heal.

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