A Crutch Pad that is Comfortable and Stable

It is difficult to recover from an accident or operation. Pain from crutch use is real and we understand. But pain from crutch use is something no one should endure. Crutch use can cause discomfort in the arms, wrists, hands, shoulders and underarm area. In fact, there are over 20 medical studies documenting this pain and the causes of Crutch Paralysis and Crutch Palsy. With our inventor’s own personal experience, the evaluation of these medical studies, and direct medical rehabilitation hospital testing, we created the most medically advanced and comfortable crutch pads.

Our crutch pads, The Crutch Saddle Elite, work to alleviate and in most cases eliminate crutch pain. The Crutch Saddle Elite has a unique inner spring and a completely Latex Free padding that provides superior comfort. Its patented ergonomic support – with a specific left and right custom fit – provide unparalleled stability, support and safety. We are proud to be the fastest growing Orthopedic and Physical Therapist recommended crutch pad on the market today.

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